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5 Must-Dos For Holiday Weddings

The winter holidays are an enchanting time for a wedding. Why is this? The season is romantic, filled with fireplaces, candlelight, and sparkling frost. Your extended family may already be in town to visit. If you want to celebrate your love during the holiday season, here are some things to keep in mind:


  1. Budget

The holiday season is a time when people are in a giving mood. Are you famous within your family for big, wonderful Christmas parties? Make this year one to remember by combining the party with wedding festivities.

If you want to escape the winter chill with a destination wedding, plan ahead. Let everyone know in advance. That way, they can clear their schedule and look for deals on tickets. If that’s not possible, think about chipping in on their last-minute expenses.


  1. The Venue

If you’re planning to be outdoors for part of the wedding, keep an eye on the forecast. You may want to rent portable heaters or pass out mugs of hot cider to guests. Finally, always have a backup plan. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, lead everyone inside to enjoy the rest of the festivities.


  1. Decorations and Accessories

It’s easy to adapt seasonal decorations for holiday weddings. Cheerful holly boughs, glittering gold and silver ornaments, and of course sprigs of mistletoe work for both Christmas and a wedding. Make planning the big day easier by sticking to seasonal color palettes like red, green, gold, silver, and of course white. Other themes you can use include frosted nature or glittering New Year’s inspired decor.

Is your heart set on flower decorations and a bridal bouquet? Keep in mind that flowers aren’t in season. You’ll need to increase the wedding budget for this lovely wedding accessory.

Many hotels, restaurants, and other wedding venues already have holiday decorations on hand. Ask to see what the space will look like before booking the event. Just remember that, if you’re using a public or outdoors venue, there will be other people around. Ask what the location will do to keep your special day focused on you and your guests.


  1. Gifts

Consider giving wedding guests seasonal party gifts. Think about:

  • autumn spice scented candles
  • individual sized bottles of champagne or sparkling cider
  • a custom-made Christmas tree decoration like a glass ball with their monogrammed initials
  • a personalized New Year’s calendar featuring photos of family and friends


  1. Scheduling

A Save the Date card makes a charming keepsake for your wedding. However, remember to also use technology while planning the day. You can set up automatic email reminders or ask guests to join a wedding-themed mailing list. Finally, set important dates like the big day or the bachelorette party on a Google Calendar so everyone can stay on time.

If you’re planning a wedding at home, rent extra tables and chairs for your guests. Remember to book furniture, catering, and of course the minister well in advance. Winter is high season for both weddings and Christmas parties.

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