A beautiful flower arrangement is shown in the foreground while a couple getting married are shown in the background.

6 Insider Money-Saving Floral Designs

Flowers add to the romance and beauty of one the of the most important days of your life. Money is not a romantic topic. But the reality is, budgets are not endless.

No matter what kind of wedding you are planning, the right flowers will accent your decor and add beauty to the day. The wrong flowers could break the bank.

Here’s a few popular cost-cutting styles to get you thinking.


If you’re a country girl, a rustic wedding might appeal to you. For a rustic style, simple farm house flowers are the perfect choice.

Sunflowers, zinnias, and daisies are top choices for those who like bright colors and simple, cheerful style.

For the romantic rustic, hydrangeas, baby’s breath, and roses work well together. If you’re a rustic bride, you may want to use Mason jars rather than vases on the reception tables.

“Found” items for centerpieces work great on a tight budget.Visit a party store for low-cost, unexpected accents.

This images features a rustic-style floral arrangement and a few

A single rose is being held by the bride.


For the romantic, roses have no equal. White and pastel roses hearken back to the romance of the Victorian age, while red roses symbolize passion, courage, and abiding love.

Carrying a single stem rose or lilly, rather than a elaborate bouquet and opting for bud vases on the tables rather than pricey centerpieces is one way to save some money.

Alternately, tying bundles of lavender, baby’s breath, or daisies with a satin ribbon can give the bride a lush, but inexpensive bouquet.


Simple but elegant floral designs exhibit good taste. Lavender bundles, their stems bound in brown twine.

Greenery like ferns accented by a single rose, or random wildflowers can all be lovely ways to declare the joy of the day without going overboard.

A simple floral design featuring two roses and select wildflowers.

A tropical bouquet resting on satin cloth.


Gardenias, birds of paradise, and orchids can lend an exotic flair to a memorable wedding and reception.

If you don’t have the budget for these flowers, simulate the exotic by choosing less expensive flowers in bold, tropical colors.


You may want to choose amaryllis and holly for a winter wedding, tulips and lilacs in Spring, daisies and iris in the Summer, and mums and lilies in Fall.

A floral design themed after winter is pictured here.

Prepared flowers for a modern, minimalist arrangement.


Contemporary-styled flowers can be done in a minimalist way. Using few flowers, a classy, sleek look can be achieved.

Opt out of filler flower. Spend a little more on a gorgeous, central flower, like an orchid or hydrangea. Then let its singular beauty impress your guests.

Got an “insider” tip for keeping wedding flowers affordable? Add it to the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Got an “insider” tip for keeping wedding flowers affordable? Add it to the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

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