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Hosting Your First Dinner Party

Dinner party hosting can be a daunting task once a person truly gets down to the nitty gritty of planning. Everyone thinks it sounds like an amazing idea, and it is but many underestimate the thought and time that goes into even the simplest gathering. Thankfully, anyone can put together and follow a simple dinner party hosting plan and expect a successful event whether it’s a party of 5, 50 or more.

Step 1: Choose Your Group

The group combination can truly make or break the entire dinner party. Make sure it’s a compatible group and they’ll all get along with plenty of common interests. It’s okay to invite someone that may shake things up a bit, but be sure it won’t be to the point of discomfort.

It’s okay to send out an RSVP, but always count on drop-in guests who don’t make the call.

Step 2: Plan the Table Setting

Before the food comes the table setting. Consider the type of party; will it be formal or casual? This can let you narrow down your choices to the type of table that will suit the event best. Tablecloths and silverware aren’t common for outdoor or casual gatherings, and paper plates may not go over well if you’ve let on it’ll be a fancy meal.

Many prefer to set the table and decorate the night before so they can focus on food and entertainment the day of.

Step 3: The Right Foods

Let’s be real, when it comes time to plan a dinner party it’s all about the food. First things first, check for any food allergies among attending guests. Now is not a time to try and make a new dish, sticking with what you know will yield better results. Keep it simple, but if you want to throw in one dish that impresses go for it!

Be sure that if you’re cooking for a large crowd you’ve got enough ingredients. As far as drinks, one great tip is to stock up on ice. It’s always best to have extra of everything.

Step 4: Set the Mood

Once the group, setting and food is planned and set it’s completely up to the host or hostess to make it a success. They will set the mood with music, lighting and interaction from the moment the first guest rings the doorbell to the end of the event.

Dinner party hosting comes to a perfect ending when you offer guests dessert and coffee. They’ll go home happy and satisfied, and looking forward to the next gathering you throw.

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