Bride and groom with bouquet outdoors on bench.

Indoor vs Outdoor Wedding

If you have selected a venue, that’s fantastic. For some, the choice is not so easy. This article is for those debating whether or not an outdoor wedding is right for you.

Because there is so much to making an outdoor venue successful, you need to make the decision carefully.

Here are a few quick pros and cons to keep in mind:

Outdoor Wedding

Having your wedding outdoors under a beautiful blue sky or bright starry night may be your dream, but will the reality live up to your vision?


  • Stunning, natural scenery limits the need for additional adornment of the space
  • There’s just something special about being in nature
  • More room if you have an extensive guest list
  • Just keep in mind, this means more logistics, too

Outdoor wedding tent in evening, candlelit table


  • Weather is unpredictable, and even more so depending on the time of year and your area of the country
  • You definitely need a “Plan B” in case of severe weather
  • You need to make special arrangements: a tent for protection from the elements, and walking areas so guests don’t sink into the grass while wearing their heels
  • It might be challenging for any guests with special needs

Outdoor weddings are stunning when done right. They key to pulling it off is to make sure you have a wedding planner to get you through, and that you plan, plan, plan.

Indoor Weddings

While generally good for smaller or more intimate ceremonies, indoor weddings are stunning when well-orchestrated.


  • No chance of weather interference (barring tornadoes and snowstorms!)
  • More accessible space for guests
  • Comfortable and climate-controlled
  • Gorgeous historic buildings and high-end hotels offer great scenery
  • Hotels have rooms and ballroom space, guests can stay in one place
  • An important consideration if you have many disabled or elderly guests
Indoor wedding reception, multi-tier white cake with floral arrangements and blue lighting.


  • Space may be at a premium, and you may have to limit your guest list
  • While some venues are very convenient, older buildings can cause challenges for vendors
  • The classier the venue, the more you spend on space rental
  • Can’t count on outdoor backdrop, so decorations and flowers are going to be a substantial portion of the cost

Don’t think you can’t have a huge crowd indoors! Depending on the time of year, it just may be necessary. Be sure to talk over all of your concerns with a coordinator.

No matter your choice, your wedding is sure to be the event of a lifetime!

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