Celebrate the Last of Summer

Labor Day Party Hosting

Don’t mourn the end of summer on Labor Day! Celebrate the coming of fall by hosting a party for friends and family. If you’re considering throwing a Labor Day party, here are a few tips to make the party a success.

Invite People Early.

Many people travel on Labor Day weekend, trying to get the last bit of fun in before the kids go back to school. To make sure you have a good crowd, invite people at least two or three weeks ahead of time. You may want to confirm their RSVP two or three days before the party to make sure they still are planning to come or haven’t forgotten about it.

Set Up Your Party Area

Think ahead to make your guests comfortable.  Will you be indoors or outdoors? If you have an outdoor party, plan for a backup space in case of rain. You may want to clean out your garage so if an unexpected shower pops up, the party can move in there. If you’ll be indoors, have plenty of seating. Also, if your party will be in the living areas of your home, make sure there are places next to every chair where people can set their drinks.  If kids are going to be present and you’re serving alcohol, it’s wise to create a separate “adult” drink area. This will help avoid underage people accidentally ingesting alcohol.

Choose Your Menu

Labor Day parties are typically informal affairs and for these types of bashes, buffet style is definitely the way to go. Labor Day is the perfect time to prepare grilled fare before the heavier, savory fall foods will be on the menu. If you have guests who have sensitivities or dietary restrictions, try to plan something they can eat, asking them what they prefer.


It’s a host’s worst nightmare: the conversation grinds to a halt, people begin avoiding eye contact, and there’s nothing to do. To avoid this, have a loose plan of activities people can do. This can take the form of a few board or card games, games outdoors like croquet or badminton, or a bowl full of conversation starting topics. If the party goes well, you may not need these, but it’s best to be prepared if the awkward silences pop up.

Labor Day is the perfect day to have a relaxing, entertaining time with friends. Use these tips to crank up the fun in your home.

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