Table Setting for Wedding Shower

Planning a Wedding Shower

Being asked to host a wedding shower is a tremendous honor. It can also be overwhelming and time-consuming, particularly if you’ve never thrown a shower before. Following a few simple steps will help you throw a fabulous shower for a very lucky bride without a hitch.

Choose a date

Wedding showers are customarily held between two months and two weeks prior to the wedding date. Letting the bride and groom dictate the timing is best. They can assist you with coordinating convenient dates and times with family members.

Pick a theme

The theme doesn’t need to be extravagant or theatrical, but it should reflect the bride’s personality and interests. Brainstorm what you know about the bride’s favorite foods and drinks, hobbies and pastimes. Then, try to incorporate these elements into the shower’s theme. If you know the bride’s wedding colors, incorporating them into the shower decor is ideal.

Select the location

If possible, aim to hold the shower near where the bride lives–but there are exceptions to this rule. If most of the planned guests live in a different city than the bride, expecting the bride to travel is reasonable. The home of a close friend or family member is usually a suitable location.  But, a nearby brunch spot or happy hour locale can work as long as it suits both your budget and the bride’s taste.

Plan the menu

Light snacks and appetizers are ideal wedding shower food. Nibbles like tea sandwiches or meat and cheese platters are elegant and work well for socializing. If alcohol is on the menu, designing a fun signature cocktail for the shower is another wonderful way to create a theme for the party. Concerned about shouldering the cost for feeding all the guests on your own? Making the shower a potluck is a great way to save money while also including the other shower guests in the fun.

Prepare a few activities

You don’t need to plan any cutesy games; especially if you know it isn’t the bride’s style. You should have some activities planned to break the ice between guests who may not know each other. A fun quiz with questions about the bride and groom is a perfect segue into conversation and laughter.

Contract Help When Needed

Wedding showers are a great opportunity to celebrate and honor the couple, but they do require planning. Some people enjoy party planning, but it can become overwhelming. The longer the guest list, the more daunting it can become. If necessary, consider reaching out to a caterer or even a full-service party planner for assistance hosting a fabulous affair.

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