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5 Awesome Halloween Party Game Ideas for Kids

We usually talk about weddings and events, but I wanted to take a minute and give out some great Halloween ideas. Halloween is one of every kids’ favorite holiday, I know it was mine.

Dressing in costumes, binging on candy, and having fun with friends is all part of the magic. Add a little bit of thought and their Halloween is unforgettable.

Here are five ideas for easy, family-friendly party games you can do this Halloween!

Halloween Crafts
Get the kids involved in making your house spook-tacular. Check out Pinterest for inspiration and stock up on craft supplies.

You may need colored paper, cardboard tubes, glitter pens, or paints. To make this even more fun, help the kids build a candy-filled spooky pinata.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt
This one is great for older kids. However, you can help young ones finish it, too. Give them a camera and have them snap photos of each item they find.

Some ideas for your scavenger hunt list:

  • a black cat
  • a spooky jack-o-lantern
  • a ghost
  • spiderwebs
  • someone in their favorite superhero costume
  • their favorite kind of candy

Spooky Hopscotch
This works best outside. You can also use chalk in the garage or basement if you have concrete floors. Otherwise, lay down a hopscotch board with masking tape.

The spooky twist? Create a hopscotch spiderweb, haunted castle, or challenge the kids to invent their own. Think about adding obstacles like a spooky rat on some tiles. Put a candy reward at the end.

The Candy Guessing Game
The fun doesn’t stop after the kids go trick-or-treating. Put the candy in a big bowl. Have the kids sit in a circle. Turn off the lights.

Challenge the kids to guess what each piece is as they take it out. If they need a hint, remind them to check out the shape, smell, and taste.

For younger kids, be careful of wrappers and small hard candies. They might choke.

Monster Mash Dance-Off
Are your kids bouncing off the ceiling with a sugar rush? Help them burn off some of that energy with dancing.

Dim the lights for a spooky atmosphere. Play the Monster Mash until they drop. It works!

If you’re tired of hearing the song on loop, try other Halloween favorites. These include Witch’s Stew, Shake Them Skeleton Bones, and Ten Little Monsters.

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