Infographic: A Guide to the Perfect Anniversary Gift for Every Couple

Everyone looks forward to their wedding day. Annual milestones after are important too. You have a lifetime of anniversaries to make memorable. Making sure your anniversaries are special means your spouse feels special.

Planning on going with traditional gifts? These start off with paper for the first anniversary. The next few have natural themes like fruit or wood. Finally, you traditionally exchange metals and jewelry.

Try updating old favorites to create new traditions.

New twists include giving different types of jewelry every year. Other options are practical items like household appliances or decor. Maybe it’s pampering each other for a day. Or perhaps you can make time for an overnight getaway, picking spots according to traditional gifts.

Finally, don’t forget to include romantic gestures. These will make your anniversary even more special.

Do you want to express yourself with a love letter? How about curling up together under a blanket for a romantic winter evening? You’ll be sure to find some great anniversary ideas below.

Large infographic detailing anniversary gifts by year.

Whether you prefer traditional or modern gifts, this guide offers some exciting ways to celebrate your special day. We hope it will help you create the perfect anniversary event.

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