A catered office party is full of jolly employees.

6 Helpful Hacks to Plan the Perfect Office Party

Thinking about getting some co-workers together for a festive celebration? Whether it’s a holiday party, spring fling, or a we-landed-the-big-account get-together, follow these 6 helpful hacks to plan the perfect office party.


Set the amount of money you need for the office party. Otherwise you may toil for hours on plans you can’t afford. Your company may set requirements in place on the budget. Don’t worry, this just means you need to get creative!


If the budgets allows, rent a space. Otherwise, decorate the break room or another office area for the throw down. Make sure there’s plenty of room for the number of attendees and everyone knows how to get there.


Planning the perfect office party means having tasty bites to chomp on! If you are doing a theme, stick to food that relates. Hire a caterer for simplicity, or if the budget is constrained, visit your favorite supermarket and pick out some fun party appetizers. Don’t skimp on food, or you will have guests leaving early because their stomachs are growling.


Nothing builds atmosphere like good tunes. There needs to be SOME sort of music. Hire a band or DJ if you have the funds. If not, build a playlist that suits the event. Don’t blast everyone out, but have the volume louder than background noise.


Think about offering door prizes or a game where guests can win prizes. Nothing excites a person like the latest tech gadget, especially if it’s free!


To drink or not to drink is a big decision. Companies are increasingly choosing not to serve alcohol. If you decide to supply booze, consider giving out drink tickets to limit the chance of over-indulging. In addition, hire taxis or give free Uber rides for those who decide to imbibe.

Planning the perfect office party is not difficult if you start well in advance of the celebration and use these 6 hacks. Do it right, and people will be talking about it favorably for months to come!

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