Married couple in atmospheric lighting.

5 Atmospheric Lighting Ideas for Wedding

The use of atmospheric lighting is a technique our greatest filmmakers use to set tone, mood and send a message in their work. You can follow their example to make your wedding and wedding reception a memorable and deeply personal event. You’ll express yourself and communicate the love of the event to all your guests.


  1. One of the most striking affects used in the theater is gobo lighting. You create the Gobo effect through creating a stencil or template to place in front of a light source. The template can be of a design, of words; whatever you’d like. In lieu of creating stencils or templates, you may find neon lights or light fixtures in the shape of letters to send a similarly personal message. An example of gobo lighting, with the lights shining through the word "love".
  2. Color can communicate a mood or feeling just like words. Go beyond merely using dimming or brightening techniques with a range of colors to send a message of warmth or calm.A newly wed couple dance together amidst colored smoke, confetti, and soft pink lighting.
  3. Many lamps and flambeaux have elegant designs on the encasement. They can give your reception a period atmosphere, suggesting class, style and creativity. Lamps and torches may be especially useful if you’re planning an outdoor wedding or reception. Atmospheric lantern lighting at a beachside gazebo.
  4. Studio lights, whether on a rail, hanging lights (“fairy” lighting) can create a dramatic effect. You can illuminate the tables, leaving the surrounding area in dim light, saving the brightest beam for the new bride and groom. The hanging lights allow you to create a design of your own, giving your guests the impression they’re in a wonderland.A curtain of string fairy lights on a dark background.
  5. You can combine these techniques to create a unique atmosphere for your wedding. You can place a stencil in front of a colored spotlight or arrange hanging lights to create a heart design. You’re only limited by your wedding budget, the venue and your own imagination. At Hicks, we can help you make your dream wedding come true.Married couple in atmospheric lighting.
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