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7 Killer Graduation Party Ideas

Planning an awesome graduation party takes effort and can be overwhelming. Start early! Otherwise, you won’t have the wide array of options or the time to handle those inevitable obstacles that crop up.

Need help getting started? Here are 7 killer graduation party ideas.

1. Location

Your graduation party ideas list must begin with “Where”? The place can make or break your party. Choose a location that is convenient to most of your guests. Make sure it can accommodate the size of your crowd, but don’t get a place that’s too big. Nothing kills a soirée like a big, yawning cavern of a room.

2. Theme

Using a theme helps narrow down the planning, and is just plain fun. Wig parties, TV or movie-themed parties, or decade-oriented themes are all great choices. Keep the guest of honor in mind when you pick your theme to give the event a personal, one-of-a-kind touch.

3. Decorations

Setting the atmosphere with proper decorations is crucial in throwing a memorable graduation party. Centerpieces, balloons, and table dressings all add up to create a special space guests can enjoy. Add a “signing wall” where everyone can write the guest of honor special notes of congrats and encouragement. These extra touches add a great deal to the party.

4. Food

Few parties can bounce back from nasty food. Put time in the menu and taste everything beforehand. If you are having it catered, make sure to get references so you aren’t stuck with no-shows and are forced to end up ordering pizza.

5. Entertainment

Nothing rocks a party like good tunes. Band or DJ? This choice depends on your theme and budget. With either, talk to them before the shindig and explain the party’s theme. Keep the guests in mind when requesting specific songs.

6. Swag

Small give-always are fun and make the party memorable. Invest some of the party budget in gifts guests can take with them.

7. Remember the Details

With party planning, you SHOULD sweat the small stuff. Is there a place guests can leave their coats? Enough parking?  Enough seating? Do you have enough napkins? Plenty of toilet paper? Make a list and cover it all so your event goes off without a hitch.

Planning a party is intimidating, but it’s not impossible. By starting early enough and using these 7 graduation party ideas, your newly minted graduate and the other guests will enjoy a fun, memorable party.

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