Deciphering Dress Codes

Formal vs Semi-Formal: What’s the Difference?

Yet another invitation to a holiday event arrive in your mailbox today? Evite blowing up your inbox? This time of year is ripe with events. There are non-profit fundraisers & galas. Businesses have annual holiday parties. And, don’t forget the family gatherings. It seems that each invitation has a different dress code request: formal, semi-formal, casual, dress casual, etc. What do all those terms actually mean? I never know exactly what to wear. Usually, I wait and find out what others are wearing first. Yeah, I’m one of those people

Well, guess what, I found an infographic that explains all the different dress codes. No more waiting around until the last minute, or bugging others about what they have planned. Below is simple breakdown for both him and her. Bookmark this handy infographic for future reference next time you need to decipher an invitation. 

Infographic on the differences between different dress codes.

Thanks Mannix Marketing for putting this detailed infographic together.

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