Dinner Party Dos and Don’ts

So, you want to throw a dinner party but don’t know where to start? These gatherings can range from very lavish soirées, with waitstaff and bottles of the finest champagne, to intimate gatherings that feature your family’s secret recipes with a laid-back feel. Whatever your style, it is important to know a few dos and don’ts in order to host the perfect dinner party.

Do plan out your dinner menu

Plan, plan, plan. Whether you are throwing your first dinner party or one of many, it is important to design your menu well in advance. The menu will help guide your theme and inspire a number of other elements that you can incorporate into your evening. If you are planning on preparing a specific style of food, consider pairing your cuisine with a complementing cocktail and décor that will help set the tone for the evening. It is also important when inviting your guests to note if they have any specific food restrictions or allergies. With the proper preparation, you will be able to provide your guests with an unforgettable meal and dining experience.

Don’t overload your agenda

When attending a dinner party, friends and family look forward to enjoying a lovely meal and catching up on conversation, so don’t feel the need to schedule every minute of the evening. Chances are, visitors will appreciate time to mingle before taking their seats and between courses. As the host, it’s not unusual to feel pressure to fill each moment with entertainment, but striking the balance between structure and flexibility will ensure that you and your guests have an enjoyable, stress-free gathering.

Do meet with an event specialist

Meeting with an event specialist can save you quite a bit of stress when planning a dinner party. As you create your guests list and have your vision in mind, contact an event specialist to help make these dreams into a reality. From larger dinner parties held at a rented event space, to a more intimate gathering in your own backyard, no occasion is too small for a specialist’s advice. Event coordinators can help you create the menu, select the perfect beverage pairings and choose the right décor for your venue.

Don’t skimp on the décor

Once you have decided on the details for your evening, the fun part begins — transforming your space with décor! Give your guests an unforgettable experience at your dinner party with the details. Consider personalizing your table settings with name cards, and adorn them with beautiful dinnerware, elegant napkins, lush floral arrangements and candles that will help set the mood. If you’d prefer a less traditional route, don’t be afraid to get creative with your centerpieces and linen colors. Favors are also a great addition to your tablescape. These can be as simple as chocolate covered morsels of delight, to the drinking cups that your guests can use and take home at the end of the night. Whatever you choose, make sure that you leave your guests with a sense of gratitude for joining you!


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