Graduation Party Planning Done Right

Graduation is an exciting time for the graduates themselves, as well as everyone who played a part in getting them to this accomplished point in their life. It’s the culmination of all the late nights, papers and exams that has finally made all the hard work worth it. Obviously, this is grounds for an extraordinary celebration.

To help you relish in this wonderful achievement, we’ve compiled a list of graduation party ideas to make your celebration as memorable as possible.

Joint graduation partyHost a joint party

Graduation party planning can be made easier when the responsibility is shared. If the graduate in your life has a close friend that is graduating at the same time, it might make sense to host a joint party. This works especially well when the guest lists overlap. Choose a space big enough to accommodate both families, many friends and spend an afternoon celebrating this incredible milestone together.

Outdoor graduation partyCelebrate outdoors

An outdoor cookout is a classic and low-stress way to celebrate. Set up a tent in your backyard with tables and chairs beneath it for guests to sit down and relax. Decorate the tables with fun linens, napkins and centerpieces of fresh flowers. Your guests will love celebrating the special graduate while enjoying food fresh off the grill.

Graduation open houseThrow an “open house”

Pick a broad time frame for guests to stop by your house and say congratulations to the special graduate. This offers wide flexibility for your guests and can prevent everyone showing from up at once. This is the kind of party where you could serve casual finger foods, sweets and lemonade. These items can be easily replenished throughout the day as guests come and go.

Graduation dinnerDine the night away

Maybe the graduate your celebrating has a close-knit group of friends and would prefer a more intimate celebration. Have your graduate invited their closest friends and family for a night out at a nice restaurant and share a meal around the same table. You might even consider renting out a small room in the back of everyone’s favorite restaurant to have some privacy. This is the perfect set-up to share funny memories, exchange stories and enjoy a well-deserved celebratory meal.

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