Mother's Day ideas 2019

Make Your Mother’s Day Memorable

Mother’s Day is all about lifting up the mother figures that make life better. Moms are there to embrace us, welcome us home, give us advice, and care for us in their own unique way. They do a lot for us and rightly deserve one whole day dedicated to being celebrated. Here a few ways you can show honor and appreciation to the moms in your life this Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day 2019Serve Mother’s Day breakfast in bed

Wake up the mom you love with a gourmet breakfast in bed. Go all out and rent fine plates and utensils to elevate your breakfast feast. All moms deserve to be lavished and adored on this special day that’s all about them. Find a beautiful platter to display a delicious breakfast that she can enjoy in the comfort of her own bed. Starting off the day this way will set you up for the happiest Mother’s Day yet.

Mother's Day MemphisHost a Mother’s Day happy hour at home

Invite your closest family friends to celebrate Mother’s Day together under one roof. Serve up fun drinks and snacks while enjoying each other’s company. This is a unique idea for those who might not be a mother themselves, yet still want to host and celebrate all the moms in their life. This is also a way for large families to spend time together instead of sending out cards or flowers. Whatever your situation might be, filling your house with meaningful people is a sure way to make a memorable Mother’s Day.

Mother's Day ideasPlan a Mother’s Day picnic

Celebrate this special day in May by taking the mother figure in your life to a park for a peaceful picnic. Bring a bouquet of flowers, a cheese board spread and soak up the sun together. Bringing an outdoor speaker for her favorite music, a cute picnic blanket or fresh squeezed lemonade are couple ideas to help make your Mother’s Day picnic extra personal. Sometimes the simplest ways to celebrate bring us the most joy.

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