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Tips for an Office Thanksgiving Gathering

Thanksgiving celebrations don’t have to stay reserved for family members only. There are many easy and unique ways to bring the festivities to your office! Here are 5 tips for hosting a great office Thanksgiving gathering.

Office Thanksgiving Potluck Competition

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, have everyone sign up to bring a dish of theirs for the office feast. To add some fun and competitive flair to your meal, consider incorporating a “best of” competition, where dishes compete in each category of a typical Thanksgiving meal, such as “best of side dishes” or “best of desserts.” Employees vote for their favorites, and the winners receive some recognition.

Thanksgiving Recipe Exchange

Thanksgiving is never complete without the incorporation of tried-and-true recipe favorites that make their annual appearances at the feast. Consider an anonymous recipe swap, where employees each bring their favorites to share. This could take the form of drawing a recipe card from a bowl or drawing a number out of a hat and picking the corresponding numbered envelope. Either way, everyone will leave feeling thankful for a new recipe to cook for loved ones.

Thanksgiving Dessert Swap

Desserts are arguably one of the best parts of a Thanksgiving meal. To incorporate a game into your office celebration, have everyone bring their favorite dessert (wrapped or concealed) to participate in a dessert swap. This can take the form of a “white elephant” game where each player draws a number to see the order in which they will select a dessert. Another idea is to assign each employee a coworker (who remains anonymous) to bake a dessert for, similar to “secret Santa.” This idea will allow everyone to learn a little more about each other and will make for a fun reveal at the end of the office party.

Thanksgiving Charity Drive

As the season of giving prepares its annual kickoff, get a head start on charitable donations by requesting that employees bring in donations to the office Thanksgiving gathering. Whether this takes the form of a can drive, or a clothing and/or household items drive, everyone will surely appreciate the opportunity to give back to their community.

Thanksgiving Office Decorations

Don’t be afraid to spice up your office Thanksgiving party with some festive decorations. This will help your event feel like it is transforming from an office party to a true Thanksgiving feast. Whether you choose to incorporate the Thanksgiving color palette through draping, tablecloths, or general holiday décor, Hicks has you covered!

Let Hicks help you take your office Thanksgiving celebration to the next level! For more information, contact Event Rentals by Hicks.

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