Floral arrangements

Floral Arrangements for Any Occasion

Beautiful flowers can set the mood for any type of event. The various colors and patterns you can choose from are sure to capture the attention of all your guests. From weddings to baby showers and holidays, floral arrangements are a classic décor element that can bring the perfect atmosphere to your next party.

Wedding Floral arrangementsWedding Floral Arrangements

At weddings, all eyes are on the bride. Therefore, the bridal bouquet is one of the most important arrangements of the ceremony. Depending on the theme of the wedding, the bouquet can be a classic arrangement of roses or a modern mix of colorful, non-traditional flowers. Simple and elegant, or funky and unique, your flower selection can really bring your style to life. Similarly, the bridesmaids’ bouquets should reflect the bride’s bouquet on a smaller scale. Find creative ways to tie these looks together and create a picture-perfect collection of florals.

And don’t forget the groom! The traditional boutonniere is always a great choice. Worn on the lining of the tuxedo, boutonnieres consist of small flowers and a mix of greenery and sometimes, berries. This stunning accent can offer a nice contrast against the color of the groom’s suit and can create a cohesive look between groomsmen and bridesmaids.

Baby Shower Floral ArrangementsBaby Shower Floral Arrangements

Fresh flowers are the perfect addition to baby showers as well. They symbolize new life blooming into existence. When people hear “baby shower,” they automatically think about two colors: blue or pink. While these are traditional baby shower colors, consider getting creative with your color palette. Draw inspiration from the decorations and centerpieces in which you plan arrange the flowers. You can place flowers in small cups or mason jars, or have huge, colorful displays in vases.

If you are looking for something to match the mood of a gender reveal, try mixing the colors in a way that keeps your guests guessing. Choose blue and pink flowers and shape them as a question mark. If you would like to keep it simpler than that, you can also arrange flowers of one color in a vase of an alternate color. The possibilities are endless.

Holiday Floral arrangementsHoliday Floral Arrangements

Certain holidays, such as Christmas, Easter and the Fourth of July, have traditional colors associated with the occasion, which can make it easy to find flowers that fit. A good assortment of greenery, flowers and additional accessories adds a nice flare to any treat table. Flowers don’t necessarily have to be the focus either. Consider leaves around a cornucopia to complement a Thanksgiving table design, or a few sparkling sprigs to light up your New Year’s Eve tablescape.

Floral arrangements also do not have to be holiday-specific. If you want to change up the traditional theme, choose your arrangements in correlation with the season. Spring and summer usually have vibrant, exhilarating colors that pop at first sight. On the other hand, autumn and winter boast colors that match their settings such as orange or white. Seasonal floral arrangements can accompany any occasion.

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