Christmas Party Planning 101

Hello, holiday season, and hello, Christmas party planning! Once the calendar dawns December 1, Christmas season has officially begun. This means large, green trees are purchased, colorful lights adorn rooftops, and Santa is coming to town. The month of December also brings festive events to plan for your friends and loved ones. Take a look at our list of five steps to make your party merry and bright during the most wonderful time of the year.

Step 1: Make your list and check it twice
Christmas party list

Compiling your Christmas guest list will make the rest of your party planning a whole lot easier. First, decide if you want to host an adult-only or family-friendly event. This will help determine the direction of your occasion. If you host an adult-only event, it will likely be a more formal affair, with more elegant décor and a mature menu. If you host a family-friendly event, your party will probably take place earlier in the day and be decorated in a more whimsical way. Whichever you choose, be sure the invitation makes the audience evident to your guests.


Christmas party theme_sweatersStep 2: “Theme” it up

Nothing says, “‘Tis the season” quite like a themed Yuletide gathering. Whether you plan your party around a favorite holiday movie, cozy Christmas pajamas or even outrageous, ugly Christmas sweaters, give your guests an opportunity to create or purchase a fun outfit for your get-together. Once everyone arrives in their best themed attire, photos are a must. You can even make it a tradition and pull out last year’s pictures for a great conversation starter that will have everyone rockin’ around the Christmas tree.


Step 3: Deck the halls
Christmas party decor

Dress up your event with some festive décor to get your guests in the spirit the minute they walk through your door. Christmas comes but only once a year, so why not take your holiday decorations over-the-top? You can never go wrong with red, green, silver and gold for a holiday color palette. These hues can be infused in your tablescapes, Christmas tree ornaments, dinnerware and decorative details. But don’t forget, the Christmas lights, both in and outside your home, are the real star of the show. Add them wherever you can and your guests will instantly feel holiday cheer.


Christmas party gamesStep 4: Gather around for a game

There is something magical about unwrapping a Christmas present, and during the season of giving, friends and family love to shower each other with gifts and thanks. Ask your guests to bring something small and host a friendly game of “Rob Your Neighbor” or “Secret Santa.” These games are a fun way to break the ice and leave everyone feeling loved.


Step 5: Fix a festive feast, with a little Christmas “spirit.”
Christmas party food

A good Christmas party is filled with festive food for all to indulge in, so build your menu around your guest list. Start with the appetizers, paired with the perfect wine or seasonal cocktail. Create a meal that will appeal to many and make sure it is easy to arrange a day or two in advance. Prepare a few entrée items like a big pot of soup, grilled meats, savory salads and a hardy starch or two that will allow your guests the opportunity to try a little of everything. Finally, be sure to end the night with a champagne toast of appreciation and a variety of sweets to send them on their way.

Whatever you decide to do this Christmas season, contact Event Rentals by Hicks for all of your rental needs to keep your party merry and bright.

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