How to get your guests on the dance floor

On your wedding day, there is nothing more fun than a lively room packed with people you love. The night is over before you know it, and there isn’t a moment to waste! However, most people don’t want to be the first to step onto the dance floor. It can help to have a plan or two in place, in case your guests are hesitant to get the party started. The following tips can help get people up and moving.

Choose the right DJ or band

It all starts with the music. Choosing someone with the right personality can take your wedding from average and predictable, to memorable and outstanding. A good DJ or band leader knows how to engage the crowd, control the energy in the room and let the music do the talking.

Make it upbeat

Choosing songs that appeal to a variety of demographics can encourage everyone to jump out of their seat to sing and dance to their favorite tune. Mix up the genre so your guests don’t get bored, and include music that makes you want to move. It’s also helpful to select songs that your guests will recognize. Crowd favorites will be sure to get people dancing.

Start with the wedding party

No one will deny a bride a dance. Ask your wedding party to get the fun started and fill up the dance floor. Your bridesmaids and groomsmen can encourage the rest of your guests to join in with a line dance, a choreographed number or even a dancing game!

Light it up

Atmospheric lighting can do wonders for your wedding. A dark room with colored lights will help make your guests feel safe and let loose. There’s something about dancing under the cover of bright, moving lights that makes people get lost in the moment and have fun. If you want to get creative, hand out glow sticks as wedding favors so your guests can play a part in building the perfect party setting!

Liquid courage

When in doubt, a cocktail always helps. Keep the bar near the dance floor so your guests don’t have to go far for a little liquid courage. This also assures that there is enough water available to those who want to dance all night!

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