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Five Ways to Incorporate Giving into Company Holiday Celebrations

Company holiday celebrations are a great way to show your employees you appreciate them. They also offer an opportunity to give back to our less fortunate neighbors. As you prepare to deck the halls, here are five easy ways to incorporate the spirit of giving into your festivities.

corporate coat driveCoat Drive. The weather outside can be frightful, and many members of our community lack appropriate winter gear. You can help by choosing a nonprofit to partner with for a winter coat drive. Ask each of your party guests to donate a new or gently used coat, which they can drop into a festively decorated donation box. Other common winter wish list items include warm hats, gloves and socks. Craft a social media post showcasing your collected items to encourage others to do the same for those in need.

Tip Jars. Incorporate tip jars into your party décor to encourage revelers to donate via cash or check to those in need. Have fun decorating your tip jars, making them whimsical and colorful to grab your guests’ attention. Turn to Pinterest for decorating ideas. Place your tip jars in prime party locations, like on the bar and by the tree, to collect donations for the charity of your choice.

Raffle. Host a raffle at your holiday shindig, giving employees the chance to win door prizes, gift cards, company swag, or perhaps some much-coveted additional PTO. Recruit your most entertaining colleagues as announcers to make the live drawing fun and lively.

company holiday celebrationAngel Adoption. Some charitable organizations invite community members to adopt an underprivileged child or elderly individual for the holidays, providing wish list items in the form of gifts. Select your recipient, then ask each of your party guests to sign up to bring a wish list item. When the party is over, you’ll have a pile of gifts to make your adoptee’s holiday merrier.

Cards. Ask your guests to bring a handwritten holiday card to your event. Organizations such as the Angel Card Project ask volunteers to send holiday cheer in the form of cards to overseas troops, nursing home residents, pediatric hospital patients and others. Sign up to send cards to someone in need and ask each of your party guests to bring a card to brighten someone else’s holiday.

We’re happy to help you throw an even jollier seasonal soiree! For more information on hosting a company holiday celebration, contact us today.

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