Spring Wedding Trends

Spring Wedding Trends

Every year, new wedding trends emerge, especially in the spring. Brides and grooms want to be different and create an event that will last a lifetime. Couples look for new ways to personalize their big day, and guests look for the next awe-inspiring element. This year, keep an eye out for the following spring wedding trends.

Creative lighting

Spring Wedding Trends 2019

Chandeliers and candles will always be a classic wedding favorite. The warm light provides a welcoming, romantic atmosphere that can accommodate almost any theme. However, couples are incorporating more color into their lighting, as well as unique fixtures. These funky alternatives provide both function and fashion during a wedding ceremony or reception. Consider positioning glass or paper lanterns throughout your space, or rent a few colored light panels to add dimension to the walls. The right lighting can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary.


Vintage Wedding Decor

Vintage décor

Another spring wedding trend to look for this year is vintage décor. These accent pieces can often be found at a lower cost than traditional decorations. They add a classic, timeless feel to your wedding, and are often perfect for a rustic theme. These pieces are suitable for indoor or outdoor spaces, making them extremely versatile. They also serve as precious keepsakes to display in your home. If you’re looking for DIY solutions, consider hitting up a local thrift store and let your imagination run wild.




Alternative menu

Spring Wedding Menu

Brides and grooms are becoming more adventurous with their menus as well. Instead of a classic white cake, many are opting for a non-traditional wedding cake display. Instead of a buffet, couples are choosing a family-style table or a sit-down dinner. Some include a coffee bar in addition to a traditional bar to create a warm, community atmosphere. This spring, there is a greater emphasis on intimate gatherings at weddings, which the menu certainly reflects.



Spring Wedding Color Palette

Unexpected color palettes

When thinking about a spring wedding, we often think about light pastels and delicate floral patterns. However, this spring, couples are moving away from tradition and selecting bold, edgy color palettes. Consider a deep, dark blue or purple that can contrast with white and metallic accents and rich greenery. This modern look produces stunning tablescapes and wedding party attire that is picture-perfect.


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