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Tips for Hosting Your Next Corporate Event

We were asked by the Memphis Business Journal to round up some of our best tips for hosting corporate events. Below, we have expanded on those tips to help you plan an event your employees and customers will love!

Theme Your Event to Keep It Fun and Engaging

Having themes for your events can help your guests engage in the festivities. Hanging up decorations create the perfect theme for the environment and keep your guests interested in the vibe of the event.  Also, a gorgeous assortment of great colors and matching snacks can bring the atmosphere to life.

How to Facilitate Networking at Corporate Events

Networking events can be a great place for people to sit and talk with each other. Because of this, it is best to have comfortable furniture that will keep your guests relaxed while they communicate. Not only do you want the right furniture, but you may want the event to be sectioned into semi-private areas.

Protection Against Weather in Outdoor Events

The best way to keep your guests cool is an outdoor party tent. Open-air tents make use of fans and misters, while more enclosed tents feature heating and cooling capabilities so you can host an outdoor party all year round. Have questions about renting a tent for your corporate event? Check out our tent rental FAQs.

Give Away Branded Items to Guests

Representing your brand at a party is useful by giving your guests something to remember when they leave your event. Small items like drink koozies and writing utensils are nice items to have on standby to give to your guests. Ordering these things in bulk can be helpful to the process.

Let us help you plan your next corporate event. Contact us today to learn about our vast inventory of tables, chairs, decor and more!

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  1. Vivian Black
    Vivian Black says:

    I love how you talked about how a tent can keep guests cool and protected. The company I work for has put me in charge of our next corporate event and I will be sure to use these tips. I will look into the best professional to buy a tent from.

  2. Eli Richardson
    Eli Richardson says:

    You pointed out that open tents are great for outdoor events because of airflow. My uncle wants to host an event for his staff this coming month. With that set, I’ll help him by renting tables and chairs while he gets a tent for the party.


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