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Throwing an Outdoor Fundraiser

As the hot summer months transition to beautiful autumnal weather, taking your fundraiser outdoors may seem like the perfect idea for your business. Below, we have listed our favorite tips to help you throw an amazing outdoor fundraiser that will be sure to wow your guests.

Tent rentalsBe Prepared for All Weather Scenarios

While weather can be predicted, forecasts are hardly guaranteed. Imagine planning the perfect event and having weather unstitch plans at the last minute. Having a tent space for guests to take cover under can take the stress out of planning around unpredictable weather. Tents also offer flexibility with how your space will flow, with options for open-air or enclosed tents. Have questions about tent rentals for your next outdoor fundraiser? Check out our tent rental FAQs.

Offer Entertainment to Guests

The great thing about outdoor events is that you have vast flexibility with the forms of entertainment you can offer your guests. Daytime entertainment can include outdoor games or a cook-off. Nighttime entertainment can take the form of dinner and dancing with musical entertainment by a DJ or band, or even a movie night.

Plan Refreshments Wisely 

It is always smart to offer refreshments to guests at an outdoor fundraiser, especially during the warmer months of the year. However, keep in mind the length of your event in congruence with the type of refreshments being served. Some foods, such as raw or chilled options, do not translate well to being kept outside for long periods of time. For cooler weather, consider providing warmer beverages such as hot chocolate or apple cider.

Make Donations Flexible

In the chaos of planning, it is important to remember the reason why you are having your fundraiser in the first place. Set up a section dedicated for donations so guests can easily make their contributions as they enter or leave your event. It is also helpful if you provide more than one way for guests to donate, whether that be accepting donations by a digital platform or at the door with cash or a credit card reader.

Let us help you plan your next outdoor fundraising event. Contact us today to learn about our vast inventory of tents, tables, décor and more!

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