Tips for a Successful Trade Show Table

Trade shows provide unique opportunities for companies to display new products or services, interact with potential customers and network with peer organizations. These events also offer your business the chance to test out a new product or receive feedback on a new idea. While conventions are full of ideas and opportunities for professional growth, you will likely be marketing your business alongside competitors, and therefore, it is important that your show space stands out among the rest. We have compiled a few tips to help you prepare a striking trade show table that will be sure to attract attendees and offer a personable experience for potential customers.

Choose the right spot

Location is everything, especially at trade shows. Where your booth is displayed on the event floor can impact the amount of traffic that you obtain. Do you want your product to be the first thing that attendees see when they walk inside, or do you want to draw them in with an exciting display in the middle of the room? Review the venue map as early as possible, and determine which placement will best suit your needs. If your primary goal is to increase foot traffic, try to secure a spot near a rest area with electrical outlets and seating. Or, consider reserving your space near the dining area. Your location can also help determine the type of table that will best fit your space, along with any additional props or display elements that accompany your theme.

Plan the décor

Speaking of themes, your trade show table should always correspond with your company’s colors and brand. This will ensure that customers will be able to identify your products or services in the future, or at next year’s event. When it comes to the décor that can be added to liven up your space, the sky is the limit! Tablecloths and flooring are a great place to start. Picking the perfect tablecloth is an easy way to add color to your space. Similarly, when you rent your own flooring, attendees will feel like they have stepped out of the venue and into your business, enhancing their experience with a more personal connection to your brand.

Interact to attract

Interacting with trade show attendees is a must! Providing your table guests with fun giveaways can be a great conversation starter. Supply your space with stress balls or note pads that are branded with your company colors or logo and offer them to passing guests. If you’d prefer to use a more modern approach, set up tablets on your table that give attendees the option to enter a contest or take a short survey. Trade shows are becoming more high-tech, so if you really want to hook your guests and keep them engaged, consider adding some eye-catching lighting or an interactive projection to your space.

Have handfuls of handouts

Last but not least, it is always important to have handouts that outline the services, products and pricing that your company offers. Be sure to include any additional information that trade show attendees may want to know and remember after the event, such as how to connect with your business on social media or how to learn more about new developments. A quick reference guide can be displayed in many ways on your table. These resources can be stacked, fanned out or placed in branded containers. Ultimately, attendees want to know what your company has to offer, so be sure your first impression – your trade show table – is a hit.

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